The Shocking Revelation of Fur Is A Trendy Garment

Fur is a trendy garment and on the market there are both real and fake ones, but how to recognize them so as not to get scammed? How to recognize a real fur from a fake one? Surely the first thing that catches the eye is the quality, which generally for real furs like those we find on Aria Moda fur clothing is very high, but just to guarantee its authenticity there are some essential factors that allow you not to make mistakes.

So here are some tips that are of great help to avoid making mistakes and not paying a fur for the value it does not have! Rules for recognizing a real fur from a fake one:

  1. The price does not establish whether a fur is real or fake

It is not the price that establishes the authenticity of a fur, since there are also ecological furs around that have a fairly high cost, due to the material used and the processing to which they are subjected.

  1. Look at the base of the fur

The base of the fur allows you to understand if it is real or fake: the real one is attached to the animal’s skin, while the fake one is attached to a fabric support. To check, just press at the base of the fur and divide the two parts, or, if the base of the material is not visible, open a small part of the seam and look at the fur from the opposite side after removing the various layers.

  1. Check the tips of the fur

Even looking at the tips of the fur you can tell if it is real or fake: in fact, if these are thinner and have pointed tips it is a real fur, while if they are blunt it is a synthetic fur. In fact, in fake fur the hairs are blunt where they were cut during production and therefore have a constant diameter. On the other hand, if the animal fur has not been divided or cut into uniform lengths, the tips of the longer hairs end in a conical shape and are of different lengths, while those of the synthetic fur tend to be more uniform.

  1. Touch the fur

Touching the garment with your hand helps you understand if the fur is real or fake. Real fur is very soft to the touch, it is smooth and passes through the fingers like when stroking a cat, while ecological fur has a coarser grain and is rougher, making it more sticky to the touch.

  1. Carry out the fire test

The fire test is a great way to check if a fur is real. To perform the test, just tear off a hair and burn it with a match. If the hair melts and turns into plastic balls then it means that the fur is not of animal origin, while if it is real it ignites emitting a smell similar to that of burnt hair and leaves no traces.

  1. Thread a needle into the garment between the pile and fabric

Passing a needle between fur and fabric is an effective test of whether the fur is real or fake. If the needle passes easily through the fabric, it is almost certainly faux fur, with a synthetic fabric base. On the other hand, if the needle has difficulty passing, it is probably real fur, as the skin prevents the needle from crossing it.

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