Our 7 best places to find vinyls in New York

Sales of Audiophile vinyl records are exploding and have now surpassed sales on digital media, revenge of history. The old black wafer presses came out of the waste and the labels are busy activating new production lines.

Enthusiasts praise the warm sound of vinyl and the beauty of the covers, which are often true works of art. They are looking for listening quality and attention that streaming does not necessarily bring. And above all, they like to hunt around looking for the vintage disc “first press” by Nina Simone or Led Zeppelin.

For those who have not kept the old 33 or 45 rpm of their parents or their adolescence, New York has no shortage of addresses to build up a real collection. Here are seven places to have fun.

1. A1 Record Shop (Lower East Side)

A1 is number 1. An extraordinary selection of vintage records of all musical genres, deployed in a long room in which you have to play with your elbows to progress on the shelves. The address is popular and we often queue up in front of the three listening stations to check the state of our finds. But the effort is worth it as the fund is rich and regularly renewed.

2. Good Records (East Village)

Charming store in a townhouse, brick and Virginia creeper atmosphere, with a small indoor wooden bench to blow between two searches, Good Records presents a rather small but excellent quality collection.

3. Rough Trade (Williamsburg)

At once concert stage, café-bar and record shop, Rough Trade offers an impressive selection of vinyl records, most of them new, covering all musical genres but with a wide selection of rock and electro. Used discs are rarer but good deals are possible.

4. Academy Records (Greenpoint)

An institution. Like many other record shops faced with rent inflation, Academy had to leave Manhattan to settle on the other bank of the East River. It deploys in a spacious room a magnificent selection of records, half new half used, and covering a wide range of genres. A large renewal of the arrivals of “vintage” records makes it possible to find nuggets.

5. Captured Tracks Shop (Greenpoint)

Well hidden in the basement of a townhouse in a discreet street, Captured Tracks is an offshoot of the eponymous label. In a refined decor, there is a fine selection of rock, jazz and electro records, with rich bins but with reasonable dimensions. Advice advised for a store on a human scale

6. Record Grouch (Greenpoint)

A nice store, a bit messy but very complete. Good selection of records, mostly rock but also an interesting gothic / cold section.

7. 360 Record Store (Red Hook)

“Last but not least”, our favorite. Often on the turntables, Bene, Lennon-style glasses, a beard, a communicative smile and a touch of genius, opened his store two years ago. He presents a beautiful collection of records, mainly rock, folk, jazz, soul and reggae. You will not find new records there but a warm welcome and precious advice. Bene constantly renews its stock and can put the discs of your dreams aside.

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