The New Rolls Royce Car and Its Bulldog Looks

The New Rolls Royce Car and Its Bulldog Looks

The arrival of a new Rolls Royce is a significant event for those lucky and financial enough to consider one, so the new Wraith Coupe has arrived and it has been pitched directly at the buyers of that other heavy hitting coupe, the Bentley Continental GT.

The only question is did RR have to make the Wraith so damn ugly?

A walk through the Rolls Royce range reveals the Phantom, available in as a sedan with a choice of wheelbases, a stately coupe and also the ritzy convertible with teak trim (sigh). Under the Phantom, lies the Ghost, a sedan with two wheelbases designed to be driven by owners who prefer to drive rather than being driven.

The Wraith is in reality a Ghost Coupe, which like its big brother coupe also come with the option of the twinkly LED headlining, which, if programmed correctly can display your astrological sign, nice touch but will it illuminate Uranus?

Back to the Wraith, in times past when Rolls Royce were no more than a supplier of rolling chassis and each car was built by a coach builder, the design of each car was chosen by the obscenely rich owner. Some of these cars were stunningly opulent and gorgeous, others less so, the Frau bodied Phantom which took about ten years to build springs to mind.

With such a lengthy and regal design heritage to draw on Auto loud has to ask the question as to why did Rolls Royce draw inspiration from a 1970 s model Subaru Leonel Hardtop? Check the same sturdy flanks, the line of the back window sloping into the boot-lid or the same narrow window opening and side profile.

Hopefully RR will soon realize they need a drop head version of the Wraith ASAP – do everyone a favor; chop the roof off that bulldog puppy!

Auto loud has just realized that this theory does bring another issue – if Rolls Royce do build a convertible and a tasteless owner paints one pink, you will have a vehicle which will be replica of Lady Penelope’s car from Thunder birds.

Save my eyes – Someone please pass me that Bentley brochure!

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