The Australian Motor Show Dead or Resting

The Australian Motor Show Dead or Resting

The Australian International Motor show is dead for 2013, why?

Maybe it’s just resting! Blame a general lack of interest from the manufacturers, and also us the buying public.

You see once upon a time Motor shows where special events somewhere people went to dream and every year the manufacturers delivered something new and shiny. It may only have been a restyled speaker cover but it was an improvement over the previous year’s models.

In the 1950’s when American manufacturers produced a face lift every year, there was an expectation that new models would arrive every year without fail, now we are not talking about a new bumper or grille but a complete new car. Remember the 1955, 1956 and 1957 Chevy’s?

Across the Atlantic, show goers in the UK would flock to the small independent manufacturers stands leave deposits and place orders for their new Morgan’s or Bristol’s, because that was the British way. Mind you they also used to have young ladies who had forgotten to dress on that particular show week and were draped all over their cars.

The Cars and Sex who would have thought?

The thought that a large manufacturer would place sales people on their stands was considered to be a waste of time. Small (and large) boys could happily collect brochures, postcards and all kinds of other auto mobile to while away the winter hours without being pestered.

It costs a fortune to hire and construct a show stand so the problem with motor shows now is they are now no more than sales events to shift metal. As a result have you ever gone to one and tried to get a brochure? Sure you can have one but you have to supply everything including Blood type, name of first born and also mother’s maiden name – it is infuriating for those of us who appreciate cars (NO – I do not mean Ford Falcons!) and collect such items or use them for research.

Use my trick, get your brochures, give them a follow up name and address and lie! Sure I buy cars, but if I want to look at them I do it on my terms, not theirs!

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