The Alex & Ani Plus Energy in Fashion Wear

The Alex & Ani Plus Energy in Fashion Wear

Alex & Ani, the brand that has taken America and the world by a storm, has come to Cairo at EGO & Bay men and I need to tell you all about it! Made in America with Love by Carolyn Rafael Ian, the brand tells an interesting story that will make you want to own every piece, as it has done with many celebrities like Sandra Bullock, Demi Lava to, Miley Cyrus, Katherine McPhee and Selena Gomez.

Named after Carolyn’s two daughters, the designer who comes from a family of jewelers wanted to support jewelry production in America while at the same time providing her clients with a way to express their individuality in an organic and spiritual way.

Alex & Ani is an Eco-friendly jewelry brand focused on enlightening the mind and spreading positive energy.

Each item uses an ancient symbol with three spiritual messages to live by which celebrates your unique essence.  It is all about you, what is the feeling you want to evoke today?

What is message you are sending out to the world today?  

The brand’s signature piece is an expandable bangle made from recyclable metals using a patented original technology that replaces traditional clasps with a sliding mechanism.  You get to pick the symbol that relates to you the most with choices like the good luck clover, a peace sign, the eye of Horus, the flour DE list and many more.

Among my personal favorites are the ohm charm, which represents creations, oneness and truth, the today is an opportunity charm because I believe we all should take each day as an opportunity, and the endless knot charm which represents the interweaving and every-changing spiritual path.  I’ll be stacking those three up for sure!

But the brand isn’t just about the stacked up expandable bangles; it has many different items & collections.  They offer necklaces & rings with the same charm concept and earrings different colored stones based on the seven charades.  They also have a vintage collection inspired by the revolutionary ideas of the sixties encouraging an eccentric way of thinking.

With Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day coming up these items is the perfect gift.  You get to give your loved one a beautiful very wearable piece of jewelry and at the same time send them a loving message with the message card that accompanies each piece.

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