Celtic Engagement Rings Using Co Loured Stones to Create a Unique Look

Celtic Engagement Rings Using Co Loured Stones to Create a Unique Look

When most people think of an engagement ring it’s a simple band, with a diamond in the cut of your choice. In this instance, picking the cut of the diamond and the type of band is probably the biggest decision.

Gold or white

Princess cut?

Brilliant cut?

When staring at a line of plain engagement rings in a jewelry store, the decision is usually pretty easy. Maybe you don’t even get that decision if you are instead offered an heirloom ring. While all of that is fine, your ring ends up looking like everyone else’s, the size of the diamond usually being the main differentiating factor.

However, there are other options. Picture a rich blue sapphire surrounded by a cluster of diamonds set in a unique band with a Celtic knot design. First it’s the sapphire that catches people’s eye, but as they look closer they are intrigued by the design of the Celtic engagement ring.

 If blue isn’t your color, what about emeralds?

 An emerald in the center with two smaller diamonds on the side set in a subtle yet intricately designed two-toned band?

Perhaps even a ruby?

A high impact piece of jewelry is one that means something to the wearer, but also draws you into the beauty of its design. Using stones other than diamonds allows you to create this high impact look that stands out from the typical diamond and a gold band. Using different stones also allows you to add to the meaning of your design by using color as well as attributes of the stone. B

lie for example, is the color of loyalty and faith, two aspects that are important to any relationship. Sapphires were often considered sacred stones to represent divinity and royalty. The engagement ring Prince Charles gave Diana was a sapphire.

If an emerald is your choice, green represents growth and stability.  Emeralds have long been a choice for engagement rings because they represent a deeply connected and stable love. Emeralds are also said to promote harmony in relationships. Rubies are literally the color of love, and they are said to promote bliss and the fulfillment of one’s dreams.

Given all the positive qualities these different gems possess, it’s hard to go wrong in choosing one for your engagement ring. Supplementing these powerful stones with an equally powerful Celtic knot design to symbolically show your union is a high impact look indeed. Historically, priests, kings and queens have all used these stones for this reason.

The extravagant jewelry and crowns of kings and queens have always been adorned in sapphires, emeralds, and rubies because they illustrate the power and presence of the position and the individual as well as catching the eye of onlookers with their beauty. What better way to honor something as important as a life-long bond as with the same jewels used by royalty?

These kinds of engagement rings can also be paired elegantly with other pieces of Jewelry either as a bridal set or just for every day wear.  Gemstones like sapphire, emerald or ruby stand out when paired with pearls, or even a simple pendant or pair of earrings. Choosing a Celtic knot band also gives you the option to pair it with other Celtic jewelry, perhaps a knot pendant or set of earrings.

Celtic engagement rings easily blend in with any type of jewelry. Gemstones will only enhance what they are paired with rather than competing with them. They are also strong stones that will wear well overtime without losing color or shine.

Whatever your taste gemstones offer a beautiful alternative to the traditional diamond engagement ring. Using gemstones can make a statement about your union that is deeply meaningful and richly colorful. Coupled with a Celtic design, you can honor your heritage or simply wear a ring that is an intricate and timeless piece of jewelry.

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