Micheal Barton Caught Out and the Red Carpet Emmy Arrivals

Micheal Barton Caught Out and the Red Carpet Emmy Arrivals

Making sure we put on our wellingtons and toxic repellent jacket, today fashion rat gets a little dirty with a dollop of low I.Q gossip guaranteed to get some horny teen traffic.

This story comes from the hate couture flagship event known as Paris Fashion Week. As the world’s top designers, models and chique celebrity icons descend on the Limousin Rouge city each year there is always more eye candy than just tasty frocks, glamorous gowns and exotic originals.

In full swing, on Tuesday night, extinct O.C cast member Michael Barton was in attendance for the Ellie Saab show. So engrossed with the catwalk, it seems that she was unaware of the prying Paparazzi lens zooming in.

As the models strutted, the light bulbs flashed and it seems so did Michael. As you can see from the picture it was Barton’s underwear that attracted media attention. Oblivious to her Spears Ian slip, this is certainly a case where the price of fame is pronounced.

A lesson in sensible wardrobe choices, the short, short mini skirt may look great when the wearer is vertical. When seated it demands strategic planning to ensure the lower private geography remains concealed. Not a garment for amateurs, especially those in the public eye.

From the opening paragraph you can tell this writer is not so comfortable with exploiting others misfortune, but embarrassing celebrity moments are easy prey and I am weak…the powers of anonymity continue to reveal themselves.

The Emmy Awards were held on Sunday in Los Angeles. Turning up to the TV equivalent of the Oscars, the kings and queens of glamour had to deal with the roasting California heat to walk the red carpet.

Following the accepted modes operand plenty in the media attended the event, not to comment on the shows or the state of the television industry but instead to critique the wardrobe choices of the celebrity guests.

Attracting the most attention in a sparkling crystal Armani Gown was project Runway host and former supermodel Heidi Glum.

Desperate Housewife Marcia Cross looked like a fairy tale princess in her comfortable drapery. Mary Louise Parker of Weeds dazzled in blue. Alyssa Milan showed that physical beauty is not enough to pull off this outlandish design. Aussie Rose Byre, as usual breathtaking in understated style.

Tina Fey makes sure that black is glamour and not the boring selection. Brooke Shields proves that she is just as elegant and beautiful as she was when that Jeans company exploited her all those years ago.

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