Girls Just Wanna Have Fund and a Dash of Insight

Girls Just Wanna Have Fund and a Dash of Insight

Jeff, the author of the blog,A Dash of Insight, has a Doctorate in a different field, but has lot of experience in financial investments and strategic advising and has shared some of his ideas in this website.

He helps in choosing the best ideas from the better ones for better trading and investing in the current economic background. The blogger has great approaches for recession proof living, and separate series for job applicants.

The writer has given the best guidelines that one could hear on interpreting data. The role of media in finance is clearly illustrated. Reasons for evaluating market before jumping into investment are listed.

Secret Information from the B LS and regular updates on ET F s is made on this blog. The blog is certified by various firms, including, straight Stocks Contributor and I Stock Analyst. Good number of pundits is reviewed and also an array of great books worth reading is listed.

According to the author, Girls Just Want to Have Funds is dedicated to the woman that wants to take charge of her personal finances. The blog deals with budgeting, investing, frugality and spending habits. Great tips for stay at home mothers and the things that they can afford to do along with some guidelines on baby making time lines. Taking chances to fight unemployment is one of the best topics.

A comparative study of borrowers and savers with results giving out the best ways to deal with mortgages is posted. Ways of staying cool when there are hard times by relaxing are based on the experiences of the blogger. List of sacrificing things which can be neglected for a better financial life is also given. Reasons for why everyone should keep an eye on the interest rates of credit cards and the consequences faced by the writer for not doing so are mentioned.

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