How to Get Ahead in Business during a Pandemic?

Everyone is in the same boat and it just sprung a hole… what do we do to stay ahead when the whole working world is against us?

The world of business is tougher than normal right now. With the pandemic wreaking havoc across the planet, all sectors are suffering. Industries are at a standstill and whole sectors will never return to their former glory. 

With all of this going on, who can be blamed for simply existing. Who would be called out for just buckling down and getting through each day? Nobody. But wouldn’t it be better for you and your employees if you could use the pandemic as time to leverage yourself further up the ladder towards the top of your sector? 

Businesses are Suffering

There shouldn’t be any question about how businesses are handling this pandemic. Some sectors are closed – possibly for good – while others have been run ragged. Healthcare industries, truck drivers, teachers and PPE manufacturers have been some of the busiest people in the western world for the past few months. Online educators (such as Hays), Remote Office firms (like Zoom) and even loungewear e-commerce stores are doing brilliantly, while others have closed doors for good.

Some of the worst affected industries in the UK include:

  • Dining out – while the takeaway food industry has boomed, restaurateurs have either had to switch to takeaway food or close their doors for the time being. It is estimated that as many as 10,000 pubs and restaurants have closed permanently.
  • Retail – arguably the biggest problems are in the retail sector, where names like Debenhams and John Lewis are struggling and fashion brands like Warehouse have had to shut down.
  • The Creative Industries – across all types of artistry, we are seeing huge losses. Theatres can’t open and actors can’t perform. Artists can’t hold exhibitions unless they are digital, and many fine artists are losing out.
  • Hotels and tourism – the tourism industry is on its knees. The big names in flights and accommodation are struggling to continue with the complete lack of clients. Industry experts estimate it will take a full four years of recovery before the hotel industry is back where it was.

How to Get Ahead in Business During the Coronavirus?

Given all these unknown factors, how can you turn your hand to a better business in the middle of a pandemic. There are several ways, so consider some of the following before you count yourself out.


Now is the time to re-train either your staff or yourself. If your small business just went down the tubes but you still have the skills to run one, you should consider taking the time to train yourself in a more profitable skill. Adding strings to your bow makes you more employable, should something else go wrong.

Switch Niche

If your business has been marketed towards a demographic that doesn’t exist anymore, it’s time to switch it up. If you can modify what you do and tweak your digital advertising campaigns, you could turn the same business loose on a new subset of consumers. 

Advertise Like Never Before

If your business should be doing well during Covid-19 – but isn’t, then it may be that your competitors are advertising better than you. Create new ads, check your SEO and make sure Google knows who you are. Blog like you have never blogged before and, when this is all over, you should have something worthwhile to show for it.

Final Thoughts

Staff are incredibly strained right now, managing their time to accommodate both their jobs and home schooling/blended learning. Treasure staff wherever you can. Treat them to some time off, lessen their workload, or get them helpful training. Whatever you do, keep your human resources as happy as you can. Times are tough and they might just be desperate for your help.

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