A Few Tips to Become a Safe Driver

It is a sad reality that there are plenty of people who can drive their cars and many other vehicles, but very few of them can drive safely on the road. As a result of that, every year the graph of road accident numbers keep on increasing.  

In Australia too, the number of accident deaths due to bad and unsafe driving is increasing day by day. So, if you are going to join in any NSW Safer Drivers Course offered by TRENT, a known driving school, then, prefer to learn how to drive safely, rather than just learning driving to get a driving license. 

The following are a few pieces of advice for all new learners of driving school, which is very important to keep in mind while driving a car or any other vehicle on the road to avoid an accident.

Make sure that you do not get distracted

Never try to receive or engage in any call on your mobile phone, while you are driving. While driving, your focus should always remain ahead of your road, and also time to time notice the rear side mirrors to know about traffic conditions while changing the lane or turning your vehicle.  

Never drive after consuming alcohol or drug

Driving under the influence of alcohol is a punishable offense in most of the countries of the world but yet many drivers often indulge in this practice. One should always avoid consuming alcohol or any drug before you are driving on the road. 

Avoid driving while you are tired

If you are too tired or feeling sleepy then you must avoid driving at all costs. Your reflexes under such conditions will be poor and that can always cause a major accident. It is better to take a good nap if you are feeling tired before you go behind the wheel. 

Understand the road rules well

Often drivers tend to be a little more overconfident and do not obey the road rules as a result it will not only lead to a serious road accident but also are penalized for wrong driving. You must understand the road rules well and also always follow them while driving. 

Know about your car

Whenever you drive any new vehicle than before driving, you must make yourself familiar with all the controls, indications, and functions of the vehicle. The basic functions of all cars remain the same however in few new models often certain new extra features are available. 

Be courteous to other drivers

When you are driving on the road then many other drivers are also sharing the same road with you. So, you must give them space if they are in a hurry or they are trying to turn their vehicle under a certain odd situation. 

Do not Overspeed

There is always a speed limit prescribed for a busy road and hence you must respect that. Also, on the high ways, do not drive at a speed that can destabilize your vehicle or can make you a bit uncomfortable too. Remember that speed thrills but also kills.  

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