Enjoy the Best Foods in Sydney Restaurants

Enjoy the Best Foods in Sydney Restaurants

I have finally tried this wonderful restaurant. For years working in the building just next door, I have taken this restaurant for granted and not made the effort to try this place out. It wasn’t until my friend Daze who decided to celebrate his birthday here that prompted me to go.

I believe the reservation took place 2 weeks before the dinner date and lucky for us, we did manage to get squeezed in their busy reservations list. We however got an 8:30 booking on a Friday night. To pass time between finishing work and dinner, we had pre-dinner drinks at E C Q Bar at the “Toaster” next to the Opera House.

Once we did arrive at the Cafe Sydney, our tables were not yet ready and were asked to stay at the bar while we wait. Hubby ordered a Vodka Martini for the very first time and paid for it later in the evening (I’m not talking about money here).

The ambiance was very romantic and the interior was classy. Although, I did notice it was very dark with not much lighting at all. I was very careful walking around in case I tripped over something. Later the lack of lighting made it very difficult to see what was in the menu and then seeing what I ordered.

Cafe Sydney is much famous for its view. It is situated right in the middle of Circular Quay where you will see the Sydney Harbor Bridge and the famous Opera House. The restaurant is located on the upper floor of Old Customs House. The table we were allocated was just inside the balcony, overlooking the harbor view. It was a beautiful night and more so with a surprise symphony of fireworks right in the middle of the harbor.

Now the food

Food was absolutely delicious – and so it should be seeing the prices are at the high end. I easily ended up with $100 bill for my meal alone. These included a dozen oysters which were divine by the way and the lamb cutlets… yummy. The servings were filling and had to skip the dessert.

Service was good and not pretentious Friendly yet not intrusive. The place is quite pricey so expect to pay approx. $45 for a main meal. If you are lucky to have and Entertainment Card, use it. It will help bring the total down. I highly recommend this place for romantic dinners with your partner.

Groups are OK but I think it was a little to intimate and dark for my liking. The location is perfect with the view and all. Only problem I can think of is the parking. If you are planning to dine here a little later in the evening.

I think it would be a great idea to get here early and have pre-dinner drinks somewhere first to secure you on street parking. A couple of friends went around in circles for ages before they decided to park at the Opera House.

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