All About Company Staff Training for Best Business

All About Company Staff Training for Best Business

The relationship with General Formation has been for years, a relationship characterized by its effectiveness and efficiency in the delivery and management of training actions as well as in the processing of practices in companies. The degree of satisfaction of the participants to the training is very high.

The management and processing of internships in business is agile and professional, both the monitoring of students and document management.

Group Cheese HR Department

On such an important and complex issue as TRAINING, having a solid and reliable supplier is a guarantee and a good luck, “and in this case we find V SS with GENERAL TRAINING, with whom we also find professional partners and at the same time close, with whom to understand is easy and positive.

Enrich Sanchez Tartaric – HR Director

At Group B N Facility Services SA, due to our own activity, we need a supplier company that continuously adapts to our variable needs, constant urgency requests and an efficient and quick response capability.

With General Training we have found that provider company, obtaining a very positive result on the service they provide and the ability to resolve in response to requested emergencies.

Sandra Claps – Director of Integrated Management Systems Group B N,

Facility Services, SA

The Barn Porters Group is very aware of the training of its employees in all the division of the group, in short, the services they provide in the so-called “Facility Services”.

In order to carry out the training of all its employees, the Barn Porters Group considers it as an ideal provider in the training and qualification of the personnel in General Training, being a strategic ally for us.

Albert Maze Macias – General Director

We want to make it clear once again of our gratitude for having been leading the student groups in the training and recycling of Private Security Rangers and different types of courses that have been taught by their team of professors very professionally, both to the Rangers, Escorts, Technicians and Middle Managers of our company throughout these almost 20 years of collaboration between your School and our Company.

This training has led to better training of templates every day, thus giving our clients a good service with well-trained professionals.

Manuel Mantilla Varietal

Training is a solid value that we promote in L PM Corporation and in General Training we have found the ideal collaborator, professionalism, teaching quality and commitment to our needs would be the characteristics that would define our training provider.

L PM Corporation

For just over four years that I joined the SIR SA Group, General Training has always been with us. They have participated so much, for the preparation of the annual Plan, a multitude of courses and concrete projects and training.

Always punctual and with great professionalism, they have made this path easier, until it seems easy, but of course it was not. For all the above, I take advantage of these lines to thank you for your collaboration and effort.

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