3 Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Boost a Brand

Artificial intelligence drives cutting-edge technology that can empower any brand to surpass sales goals while raising customer satisfaction levels. Although AI development is still the domain of specialized researchers, solutions that have already reached the market can make advertising easier and less time-consuming for small to medium-sized companies. Anything from messaging strategies to updating contact information in a customer database for sending business thank you cards can benefit from AI-driven strategies.

  • Target the Most Likely Customers 

Search engine advertising is one area in which AI has already reached the mainstream. Some pay-per-click advertising models at major search engines integrate AI to display advertisements at the most potentially profitable times to users with a clear intent to buy a product or pay for a service.

Social media platforms also implement AI insights into advertising systems. The advertisements a brand purchases may display to customers of certain age, gender or other relevant demographics who are located in specific locations. AI utilities may be available to determine which individuals that fall within these parameters are more likely to purchase the goods or services a business has to offer based on other information, such as users’ search histories or posts.

In both of these cases, automation works behind the scenes to ensure that advertisements are shown to the best effect. Some services also make it possible to maximize the effectiveness of the content of text ads through the use of AI tools. It may be possible to maximize the return on investment of any marketing budget by automating ads to reach the leads most likely to become customers.

  • Improve Customer Contact Information

Customer relationship management software also features automated tools for keeping better records. For the most part, automation in CRM suites performs repetitive tasks previously prone to human error. Some software is also capable of automatically correcting errors or standardizing contact information in ways that improve the completeness and quality of a business’s customer data.

Transposing letters in an email address or making a similar error with regard to a physical address could formerly cut lines of communication between businesses and customers. Automation makes it possible to build profiles or records based on information provided by users. These records are helpful when sending business thank you cards.

Small business owners or marketing professionals should check to see which automation features are available in the CRM software currently in use at a company. If a customer data platform lacks similar features, it may be worthwhile to upgrade to a next-generation, AI-driven, cloud based CRM suite. Integrations may also be necessary to transfer data smoothly between systems.

  • Anticipate Customer Preferences

The third way in which automation can be useful is in sending out messages. A business that solicits information about how customers prefer to be contacted may have the ability to use CRM software to narrow down mailing lists to customers who prefer to email, phone or physical mail correspondence.

Automating contact methods can maximize returns on a business’s marketing budget. Consumers can be contacted by the method that they prefer most, which can also be a method that leads naturally to conversions. Customers that opt-in to receive mail tend to appreciate receiving greeting cards for special occasions.

Any one of these implementations of AI or a combination of methods can take branding to the next level. The customer data to which a business has access depends on the nature of the operation. In general, customer names and physical addresses are all a business needs to send out business thank you cards or seasonal greeting cards. These are just a few ways in which AI makes it easier to maintain customer relations.

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