The Travel Insurance Review

The Travel Insurance Review

Travel insurance review helps people to understand that things can go wrong on your vacation. When things happen outside our control “regular” insurance may not cover you. Here are some realistic examples:

– Have your luggage lost or stolen

– Get in a car accident

– Become sick or ill

– Having your credit cards stolen

– God forbid, you or someone in your group dies I am sure you would agree that these things could happen and do happen often.

Most people don’t take a Travel Insurance policy, most don’t even look into it and some don’t know about it. For those who know about travel insurance, some opt out of getting it because they think their regular health insurance will cover sickness on the vacation. When traveling out of the United States most of the time you are not covered. Call your carrier an ask whether you have coverage. It is our opinion that Travel insurance is essential.

There are so many scenarios that it is almost impossible to cover all the reasons why you need travel insurance. Tip number one: if you are planning to do any (or similar) activities structure your travel insurance to cover you. These activities can include: Skiing, horse riding, jet skiing, scuba diving, race car driving school (This is awesome by the way, there is one in Las Vegas) or more.

With any policy that you take, thoroughly read it for exclusions and limitations. If you have any questions about your policy, simply call your provider. But you say, “I am going on a golfing trip,

Why would I carry travel insurance for that kind of a trip?”

Good question.

What if you injure someone else with a well (or poor) hit ball?

Would you be covered?

What if they went to hospital?

(Some policies don’t cover other people, so always read your policy.)

The point is this (this pertains to any insurance)… Insurance is about the unknown, you never know when something bad is going to happen to you or you may cause an accident. Cover yourself. Now I know it sounds like I am selling something, I’m not. I just want to thank you for visiting travel insurance review.

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