The Seven Ways to Link With a Real Estate Insane

The Seven Ways to Link With a Real Estate Insane

Having worked with a variety of home buyers

Over the past several years I have met some very nice people. Some I share a lot with, especially the passion for golf. Others have been very interesting and fun to work with. Each having their own special value there are those few who just drive you insane. Which is what everyone is curious about, right?

As a Real Estate agent it doesn’t matter if I work with someone for a day or over a period of years

I am in the middle of a sale right now that I have had the pleasure of communicating with my buyer for nearly two years. Once they were ready, I turned up the service from periodic e-mails, an occasional phone call, and just staying in touch to some serious searching, looking, kicking the tires and writing a contract. It’s been a fun two years with them.

Working with a client for several months or a few years is easy

Knowing when to turn up the service is the key. It’s the buyer who doesn’t know what they want and want me to find it for them that creates the real challenge. Sometimes to the point of insanity here are some tips on how to drive Your Real estate agent totally insane:

  • Make sure you have two or three Real estate agent looking for you and don’t tell them the other Real estate agent are expecting to find you a home as well.
  • Start out in one part of town, bounce to another, then another and another to keep your Real estate agent guessing.
  • Have a lot of demands for the home you want that just does not exist in this universe.
  • Change the price of the homes you look at to higher than what you can afford.
  • Look at homes that are outside your stated criteria, and reject those that fall within your criteria.
  • Make an appointment with your Real estate agent to show homes, and then don’t show up.
  • Make an offer for 20% below the asking priceespecially when everything is selling within 5%.

Real Estate work for a commission

No sale, no pay. If three are working hard to sell you a home, one will see the reward, the other two will end up wasting their time. Put yourself in their shoes, how would you feel spending time and money on gas driving someone around who has no intention to select you to represent them?  Imagine putting in your full two weeks of work for your employer, only to be told that you won’t be paid for it.

The seven descriptions above happen every day to a variety in Real estate. Choosing a Realtor wisely and remaining loyal to him or her means a lot. After all,

Wouldn’t you prefer the Realtor remain loyal to you?

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