The Growing Popularity of Mobile Apps

The Growing Popularity of Mobile Apps

It does not really seem that long ago when a mobile phone only made phone calls, and was so bulky that is had to be kept in a pouch on the outside of the body. Luckily, advancements in technology eventually made them pocket sized. Around that period S MS messaging appeared, and it surprised mobile phone providers by becoming so successful.

It was not long before some people were sending thousands of messages a month, and it became a means for marketers to quickly reach potential customers. Things have come on a lot since back then, and now we have smartphones, which can run a mobile app.

The first smart phones were small, and some people had problems using them. Once the screen size increased and touchscreen keyboards became popular, this kind of mobile device really took off. These days there is now a large selection of screen sizes and manufactures, although these are limited to only a small selection of operating systems, with the main ones being Apple, Android and Windows.

Nokia used to have its own OS, but since being purchased by Microsoft, that has been dropped. While Blackberry continues to struggle having lot of market share in recent years

The two main operating systems tend to share the same mobile app. So what is available on an Apple device, is more than likely available on Android. This is to ensure that the mobile app providers maximize revenue, as concentrating on just one device means that they are ignoring millions of potential customers.

Even if a provider only supplies an app on one OS, a similar app by another provider will be available on the other OS. Mobile devices will continue to develop over the years, and apps will continue to play a big role in their use.

I came across this concierge app as an example of current mobile application software.

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