The Dos and Don’t in Wedding Speeches

The Dos and Don’t in Wedding Speeches

Wedding speeches are special and are customized to meet the individual situation. The content of the speech varies depending on whom it is addressed to, whether the bride or the groom and who is delivering the speech. The presenters may vary, and so does the content.

Speech delivered by the Bride’s father is the main wedding speech. It will contain the welcome address thanking guests who have graced the occasion traveling from far off lands just to be part of the wedding. The Bride’s dad also thanks the bride’s mother for arranging the grand wedding and making the celebration memorable.

The father of the bride should take this opportunity to share interesting childhood experience about the bride. He should make the groom, and his family should feel welcome with his speech. The content of the speech should be witty at the same time emotional by giving the newlywed some touching advice and wishing the couple a happy married life. Last but not the least a toast has to be proposed at the end of the speech.

After the father’s speech, the Bride’s mother will deliver a speech that is sure to make the bride shed a tear or two. Many modern mothers are coming forward to take this opportunity to make the wedding day special for their little girls. The Bride’s mother first thanks the bride’s father for his speech and once again welcomes the guest. She also thanks all those who have made this special event a success.

Not to forget the bride’s mom adds some interesting stories about her daughter and her son-in-law on how this was possible. She does not forget to welcome the groom and his family and shares the secrets of a happy marriage life. Finally, she toasts the couple.

The Bride and the Groom also get a chance to make their respective speeches and in those they take the opportunity to thank everyone. The Best Man and Maid of Honor speech will be about the pre-wedding parties and the fun they shared.

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