Fpj’s Ang Probinsyano 5th Season Action Television Series

Season five of Ang Probinsyano started on 15th March 2018. This season is also a part of third Book of Ang Probinsyano named as “Terrorism Arc”. This season revolves around the working strategy of Vendetta against the corrupt politicians of Philippine. In this season Vendetta not only fights with Hipolito and his supported terrorist group Kamandag but with the gun selling organization run by the Lucas Cabrera who was the Vice President of Philippine.

Cardo’s wife Alyana fell for his boss Marco who was the son of Vice President Cabrera. Marco’s stepbrother supported their relationship but his mother Catherine Cabrera pretended to accept Marco and Alyana’s relationship just to stop her son from getting furious. Cardo tried again and again to gain Alyana’s love and trust but Alyana broke up with him and returned her wedding ring to him. General Diana wants the help of General Borja but Vendetta members including Cardo were against it.

The secretary of General Diana named James was serving for Major Catindig who informed Hipolito about Vendetta plan. Alaskan was ordered to attack the Vendetta but they manage to escape the attack but two workers at Vendetta’s hideout lost their lives.  Ang probinsayno First episode will be started on September 28 2019. Total no of replays serials are now 1051 Telecasted and the no of seasons are now 7 published. Hipolito came to their hideout to personally kill Romulo but he was rescued by the Vendetta and sent to the hospital under Vendetta and CIDG. In the meantime, Alyana decided to meet Cardo’s family. Knowing this Marco got into a fight with Alyana.

FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano 5th Season Action Television Series

Cardo supervised the Romulo and dressed up in doctor clothes. A nurse named Andy mother was kidnapped by Hipolito and Vendetta fails to rescue Romulo. After that Vendetta finally rescued Andy’s mother and a hostess named Blossom who was raped by the foreigner. There Marco was compelling Alyana to marry him as soon as she can. He gave her threats to commit suicide even after his brother and father disapproval. Alyana left and Marco met a car accident that nearly brought him to death. Romulo visited by Oscar in a hospital who wanted to know about Hipotilo’s corruption. The doctors told Lucas and his wife and older son that Marco was out of danger by then. Lucas found another way to stop Marco’s wedding with Alyana by contacting the director of international relations for making up an agreement file.

Hipolito was informed by Alakdan about the personal mission of Catindig to take down the Vendetta and Romulo because Catindig thought Alakdan would become trouble in his mission. Alyana visits Marco in hospital. He was happy to see her but became furious as the doctor said Alyana is an eye witness of his fury. Catindig was killed by Vendetta to rescue Andy and Romulo during Catindig’s attack on a hospital to kill Romulo. Marco wanted Alyana to take back her complaint against his furious behaviour but she was confused. Hipolito took Alakdan and group after the death of Catindig as his team against Vendetta and Cardo. Lucas and his son came to know that Hipotilo sent Catindig to a hospital which leads to his death, they started planning against Hipolito.

Oscar and Lucas got into the political war and Brandon along with Lucas visited Hipolito in order to expose his corruption but Hipotilo himself told them his story behind joining Pulang Araw in his teenage and rivalry with Romulo. Lucas and Brandon then started supporting Hipolito. Alyana started to remember good things about Cardo. Andy was followed by General Borja to Vendetta hideout where she warns Cardo about his grandfather. Oscar soon found out that Vendetta rescued many of the people including teachers who were at the stake of losing their lives just because of Brandon’s corrupt group.

Alyana and his family relation with Marco became worst due to his uncontrolled anger and furious behaviour. Elections came and all the seats of senate won by Oscar’s party and Lucas faced the failure. Alyana and Cardo were together again and they wanted to go to Manila to inform their family about them. But the Vendetta hideout was raided by Oscar and Hippolyta along with Marco and Marco was killed by Cardo in the counter-attack. After this Oscar was in strict security because Lucas and Brandon wanted to kill him. He realized his mistake of betraying Cardo when he was finally rescued from the Hipolito men. Oscar then apologized to Cardo for his foolishness.  Pinoy channel provide you with all the replays which you will be watch online. It doesn’t matter when you are online you will get all the replays free on our site. We will be published all the Pinoy channel teleseye replays when the official replays will be Telecasted.

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