Enjoy Bathroom Heaters and Forgotten Room

Enjoy Bathroom Heaters and Forgotten Room

What it felt like before I bought my new bathroom heater. I wrought a little story on what my home felt like every winter morning. I have no idea why I didn’t change out my old heating system sooner. I just went online to find a bathroom heater that fit me budget. I hope you like my story.

The alarm clock rings, waking Tom from a deep sleep, he can hear the cold wind rushing by his window and his body twinges at the thought of going into that cold bathroom, an outhouse is more like it.  Wait; as his mind begins to focus he remembers paying an electrician yesterday with promises of no more freezing.

The outhouse   …..Hamm bathroom was cold enough during night set back hours , but now with lowering his house temperature to save energy ………who are we kidding  money,  the bathroom is now his new  meat locker, he was even considering wearing a bathrobe in the shower.  Now it’s just a matter of getting out of bed and running into the bathroom.

 Huh,   this room isn’t half bad; he thinks to himself and tries to remember what Joe the electrician also told him.   Ah yes,  there’s a second dial on this electric bathroom heater,  as he turns it on he remembers that this dial is a timer and all of a sudden  he hears a fan  and more heat comes out .

This is great, and into the shower he goes, without the bathrobe. As he steps out he remembers yesterday episode when he did the same thing and the cold rush of air almost gave him hypothermia, remembering his Boy Scout days and wind chill effect training is what finally convinced him to call Joe.

Ah! There’s Alice yelling at him that it’s her turn, no problem he says won’t she be surprised   but she’s not, apparently she was quite comfortable from her nocturnal visits and was amazed at the temperature difference from the bedroom.  “well dear, Joe told us that with this bathroom heater we could control the heat separately from the rest of the house” and that it had a two stage heating arrangement.

The first heating element would keep the room at a decent temperature for half naked people and the second would raise it even further with greater circulation because of the fan.  And the best of all, the time clock shuts off the second element as were flying out of here.

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