Ask These Questions to Doctor About COVID-19 If You are a Chronic Patient

Many of you may be having a certain chronic illness and such patients are usually under higher risk of falling victim to COVID-19, which has become a pandemic all over the world. Therefore, it is certainly a matter of concern for such patients.

In addition to following all the recommendation given by the CDC, it will also be important for these patients to know what else will be needed for them to deal with this situation under prevalent condition.

In the current situation, everyone needs to wear face masks and also maintain a social distance. Meeting the doctor in such a situation has also become a challenging task.

Therefore, it will be very important that such people must ask their doctor the following important questions.

Should I take a personal appointment with you?

Since under the prevalent condition, all hospitals are a risky place to visit particularly for vulnerable chronic illness patients, so it will also be very risky to meet the doctor in person too.

Therefore, it will be good to ask him whether it will be possible for him to do a video meeting instead of an in-person appointment.

Should I now stop all my present medicines?

If your medications are suppressing your immune system then under the prevalent condition you may like to stop them in order to increase your immune system.

However, all your medications are also necessary for you to keep in stable condition. Therefore, instead of deciding on your own, you can ask your doctor for his opinion.

Should I start my new treatment immediately?

You need to discuss with your doctor about various risks and benefits if you start any new treatment. Doctors can suggest whether going ahead with any new treatment at this stage will be safe for you or not.

In case, there is any need for certain new medications in view of COVID-19 situation then your doctor will be able to suggest to you.

Whether it will be safe to go ahead with my scheduled surgery?

If you have any planned surgery to be done then it will be important to ask the doctor whether he will like to adhere to it. Many surgeries which are not emergency kinds are cancelled due to present condition.

Also, with surgery, your immune system to gets suppressed and therefore your doctor can asses the risk and advice you accordingly.

Will I get all the necessary care as COVID-19 pandemic grows?

Since all doctors are occupied because of COVID-19 situation, it will be worthwhile to ask the doctor whether you will get necessary attention during these days or not.

What will be best way to meet you if there is an urgent issue during next week?

To communicate with your doctor under prevalent situation may be little difficult and therefore it is natural that you may be concerned and would like to know how to contact the doctor in case any emergency situation occurs.

All these questions are necessary to ask in order to remain pro-active during the prevalent situation.


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