5 Tips to Save Money on Gas for Truck Drivers

5 Tips to Save Money on Gas for Truck Drivers

You are truck driver or you are looking for truck driving jobs or you are a student at a truck driving schools. One of the keys you will have to learn to become a successful truck driver is to find out ways to save money on gas

At Automobile Blog, we like to give you these kinds of tips to find you how to run efficiently your truck:

– Avoid traffic: plan ahead your trip to avoid traffic. Use Google Maps to find out the best path to get from point A to point B. You will be able to avoid stress and save some money…

– Fill your tank only when it is necessary: you use less gas and increase your mileage because less weight increases your mileage (yes, gas is heavy!). This is also a way to reduce your carbon footprint

– Be careful with your tires: make sure they are well inflated and aligned. It could save you up to 10% of gas. Just make sure they are checked regularly

– Change oil regularly: you should change oil every 2,500 miles every 6-12 months. Then, you can keep your truck alive longer… Your employer will be happy about it

–  Change Air filters: again, if you keep your truck efficient, you save more gas and more money…

– Remove all ice: there is no need to use your windshield to remove ice after a cold night, clear the ice before using your truck…

– Acceleration: there is no point about seeing how fast you can get from 0 to 60 even if it sounds cool… and you want to prove you have the fastest truck!

– Use your A/C accordingly: if it is warm enough outside, there is no point about using your A/C. You should save gas using A/C accordingly!

All these tips will be helpful as it’s a critical skill when you are looking for truck driving jobs. Employers love it!

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